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Association Dues

Each household in the association pays dues to the Village IV Organization (Clubhouse Operations) in addition to their individual association (MHOA, PHOA, or THOA).  Here is a summary of the association types.  They are determined by the first 2 digits of the account number:


Acct. Number Begins With:


A coupon payment book is mailed to each homeowner in December of each year.  Dues payments can be mailed or dropped off at the Clubhouse Office.  There is an after-hours drop box on the front door of the Clubhouse if you wish to pay when the Clubhouse is closed.  Please do not place cash in the drop box.

The Village IV Clubhouse Office accepts and processes individual association payments for Manor Homeowners (MHOA) and Patio Homeowners (PHOA).

Townhome Owners (THOA) remit the THOA assessment to their management company, Real Estate Investor Services (REIS).  If you are a Townhome Owner with questions regarding your individual Townhome (THOA) dues, please contact Charles Freitag at Real Estate Investors Service:  (630) 941-0135 or  Click here to link to the REIS Contact Us website page

For the convenience of Townhome Owners, a secure drop box is provided inside the Clubhouse Office for collection of THOA payments.  The REIS representative retrieves the contents of the drop box at various times for delivery to the REIS main office.  Please note:  Village IV Management and Staff do not have access to the contents of the THOA drop box.  Items placed in the THOA drop box are collected by an REIS representative and cannot be retrieved by Village IV staff once placed in the locked drop box.

The Village IV Organization accepts PayPal payments for monthly Village IV association dues for your convenience.  Visit the Make a Payment link to pay your dues from your PayPal account (fees apply).

We also accept checks from financial institutions if you wish to set up recurring monthly payments from your bank or other financial institution.