All members and their guests must obey the rules and regulations as set forth by the State of Illinois, County of DuPage and the Village IV Organization when using the Club’s facilities.

Pool Rules and Regulations

·         All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.  The Village IV Organization will not assume responsibility for any illness, accident or injury suffered by anyone while in or about the pool area.

·         All persons are required to take a shower with soap before entering the pool.

·         The County and Health Department require that all children who are not toilet trained be required to wear rubber pants over their bathing suit or swim diapers.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

·         Bathers with shoulder length hair are required by the County Health Department to wear a bathing cap or have hair secured with rubber bands.  Barrettes and bobby pins can not be used to hold hair back.  Hair ties only.

·         Street shoes are not to be worn on the pool deck.  Clean pool shoes may be worn.

·         Swim suits are the only attire permitted in the pool.  White t-shirts may be worn if necessary.

·         For personal safety no one is permitted to sit in the lifeguard’s chair, hang, sit or stand on the safety buoy lines in the pool or use the safety equipment as a toy.

      Ladders are to be used for entering and exiting the pool only.  No prolonged standing, jumping, or hanging on ladders. 

·         Whenever additional safety or health rules are deemed advisable, the management is authorized to issue and put into effect “temporary rules”.  Management will notify the members and the Village IV Board of its actions by posting signs.  The Board will then review and if agreed, approve the additional rules.

·         Lifeguards are responsible for the pool and locker facilities under the direction of the Manager.  The judgment of the guards and management shall prevail as to proper dress, conduct, admission and all other pool matters.

·         Persons under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior will not be permitted to enter the facility.

·         The County of DuPage refuses admission to the pool to persons having any contagious diseases, infectious condition or abrasions, which have not healed.

·         Parents/guardians and registered babysitters must be responsible for supervising their children.  Lifeguards are on duty to enforce rules and respond in case of an emergency.  Unsupervised children under the age of 10 will be sent home.

·         Persons wearing swim attire will not be permitted in the upstairs lounge, upstairs game room or on the fitness equipment.  The ramp entrance should be used for entering and exiting the pool area.

·         Diving is permitted only from the diving board.  The diving board will be available at designated times by the lifeguards on duty or management.

·         Floatation devices are not permitted from the diving board.

·         Large floatation devices are not permitted in the pool without approval by Clubhouse Management.

·         Lockers are available in the locker room.  Summer rental of the lockers is available (see information in pool brochure).  Members/guests must provide their own locks for daily rental.  Daily rental locks must be removed at the end of the day or lock will be cut off.  Items left behind will be stored for the season and then discarded.

·         For personal safety, the County restricts running, pushing, and rowdy behavior on the pool deck, in the water or on the diving board.  Persons who persist in dangerous activity will be required to leave the pool and can lose Clubhouse privileges.

·         Food and drink will be allowed in the Pit and behind the blue lines.  Glass containers are prohibited.

·         Members are required to clean up after themselves.

·         Smoking is allowed in the pit area only.

·         no prolonged breath holding (new rule for 2012 season).

Lounge Chair Regulations

·         Lounge chairs are provided for Adults (Blue and Orange Cardholders) only on a first come, first serve basis.  Children using lounge chairs are required to relinquish them when adults are present and in need of a chair.

·         Lounge chairs are not to be moved into the pit area or outside of the pool area.

     Lounge chairs are NOT permitted in the Kiddie Pool. 

·         Members cannot reserve pool chairs with towels or other belongings and return later in the day.

Membership ID Cards

·         Permanent Membership ID cards are issued to every member of the Organization living at home (including dependent children).

·         Members who are more than 30 days delinquent in assessments are not eligible to use the Clubhouse facilities (including the pool).

·         Members are not allowed to use the facilities as a guest of another member.

Guest Policy

·         Members must accompany any guest at all times.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.

·         ID cards are published with guest(s) permitted per type of membership.  Please refer to the back of your card for details.

·         Primary Members (homeowners) who on occasion have more guests than allotted on their card may contact the Clubhouse Office in advance and secure up to 4 additional guest passes per day.

·         In the event of overcrowding at the Village IV Pool, management reserves the right to amend the guest rules in order to alleviate the situation.

Babysitter Rules For Children Under 10

·         Parents with children under the age of 10, wanting their children to go to the pool can be accommodated by a babysitter provided the parent completes a Babysitter Waiver Form.  Non-member babysitters must be 18 years of age or older.  Babysitter Waiver Forms can be obtained in the Clubhouse Office.  Forms must be updated every pool season.

·         Parents with children under the age of 10, wanting their children to go to the pool with older siblings may do so provided the sibling is 16 years of age or older and the Babysitter Waiver Form is completed by the parent.  Babysitter Waiver Forms can be obtained in the Clubhouse Office.

Kiddie Pool

·         The Kiddie Pool is reserved for children age 5 and under.  All children must be accompanied by a parent, adult or registered babysitter.

·         The County requires that children who are not toilet trained must wear tightly fitting disposable swim diapers.

·         Personal flotation devices such as water wings and rubber tubes are permitted in the Kiddie Pool and shallow end of the main pool when the child is accompanied in the pool by a parent, adult or registered babysitter.

Adult Swim Rule

·         Fifteen (15) minutes of each hour will be reserved for adult swim.  Infants may swim in the shallow end of the pool during adult swim time only if held by the parent or adult.

Spa-Whirlpool & Sauna Facilities

·         Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to use the spa-whirlpool and sauna facilities.

·         Children ages 13 to 17 years of age may use the spa-whirlpool and sauna facilities only if an adult accompanies them.

Membership Cards, Temporary Cards and Guest Passes

·         All requests for updates to membership cards, temporary cards, and guest passes are handled in the Clubhouse office.  Avoid the summer rush, come to the clubhouse to update your card before the pool opens for the season!