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A Classic Community in
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Our History

In September, 1970, a Preliminary Proposal for a Planned Development (Woodridge Center) was published to entice potential developers to invest in the "spirited Woodridge Community".  This proposal was written by Herbert Nadelhoffer of the Woodridge Center Owners Executive Group and Thomas Brown of Brown/Heldt Associates, an environmental planning group.

The original proposal included plans for a shopping center, professional offices and shops as well as larger businesses, such as a supermarket and department store.  While this overall vision was never completed, the residential community of Woodridge Center was started as a Planned Unit Development in 1973 by Rossmoor, a developer from California.

The web page cover photo is an architect's rendering of the Clubhouse, swimming pool, and court areas.  It is pretty close to how it looks today!

Interesting documents from the early 1970s:

The proposal that started it all!:
Preliminary Proposal for a Planned Development (Sept. 1970)

Woodridge Center Sales Brochure marketed by Rossmoor:
Woodridge Center Sales Brochure

Woodridge Center Home Feature Sheet:

Party Celebrating the "historic birth" of Woodridge Center - February 22, 1974:
VIP Party

First (known) issue of the "newsletter" (March 1975).  States that March 11, 1975 was the third Woodridge Center Homeowners meeting.  Check out the activities such as Bridge Lessons and Bull & Bottle Club!:
March 1975 Bulletin

Activity Calendar from November, 1975:

Notice from the Village IV Clubhouse Recreation and Education Counselors (December 1975):
December 1975 Notice